Providing Quality Periodontal Services & Uncompromised Care in Greensboro

Welcome to Greensboro Perio

Welcome to the exquisitely modern office of Periodontists Lutins, Benitez, & Longville in beautiful Greensboro, NC. A well-established practice since 1983, we are proud to offer the highest level of periodontic and implant care in a comfortable, yet state of the art, setting. Drs. Lutins, Benitez and Longville are committed to providing predictable, exceptional results as they work alongside our experienced staff.

Our office location moved as of December 2020 to: 

2715 Pinedale Rd, Greensboro NC 27408

Why choose us?

Safety and comfort are our top priority. From our comfortable chairs to your personalized procedure, we guarantee a top-notch dental experience.

  • Drs. Lutins, Benitez, & Longville are ACLS trained.
  • Our office is trained in CPR and emergency procedures.
  • We offer N2O, oral, and IV sedation.
  • We use the newest technology, such as the MVP dental laser and Cone Beam Radiology.
  • We are community focused.
  • Financing options are available upon request.

Technology in Periodontics

The right technology can enhance a patient’s overall experience significantly, so we consider it an important part in every dental specialty. At Greensboro Perio we regularly invest in technological advances that ensure patient safety and comfort. We use radiographical analysis, such as filtered x-ray beams for lowest exposure and cone beam 3d technological scans, to produce results that go above and beyond.

Dental Implants

Restore your smile and renew your confidence with dental implants. Drs. Lutins, Benitez and Longville specialize in placing implants with precision. Each tooth custom crafted to the individualized need of each patient, implants are designed to last a lifetime. For more information on this dream-come-true procedure, call us today!

Periodontal Disease Treatment

If your gums have become inflamed or damaged because of excess plaque or bacteria build up, we offer several options. Restorative non-surgical procedures, such as scaling or root planning are excellent for those with only moderate periodontal disease. If you have a more advanced gum disease, osseous therapy, or a more in-depth cleaning, may be the solution for you. Call us today to inquire about periodontal therapy available to you!

Gum Recession

The process in which the soft tissue around your teeth pulls away is quite common and can be repaired. Our highly experienced periodontists skillfully perform routine procedures, such as soft tissue grafting, every day. Our doctors will keep you safe and comfortable throughout every procedure. Call us today to set up an evaluation!

We love our community, and we love giving back! Our entire team is very community focused, and we are always looking for opportunities to reach out to those around us. Our doctors have done charitable dentistry with M.O.M.S Club, as well as offered free local dental clinics and mentoring study/journal clubs in and around Greensboro. We are actively involved in GCDS, NCDS, NCSP, SAP, AAP, and ADA. Please contact us today to learn more about our volunteer work!