Implant-Supported Dentures

The process of Implant-Supported Dentures:

The first step in your new smile is the placement of your implants. The implants, which look like small screws, will be placed into your jawbone to create a stable foundation for your denture. The actual number of implants varies from patient to patient, but four to six per denture is the average. After your implants are placed, they will be given time to heal fully, and once that is done, we will attach your denture securely to them. Because of the exceptional stability of the implants, many patients say that they feel just like their original teeth!

If you would like more information about implant-supported dentures in Greensboro, North Carolina, or wish to schedule your next visit at Greensboro Perio with our periodontists, we welcome you to call or visit our office today. We would love to get you scheduled with Dr. Luis Benitez or Dr. Veronica Longville.

Diagram showing inserting connective tissue into gumline