Connective Tissue Graft

What is a connective tissue graft?

A connective tissue graft is a procedure used to treat gingival recession. Tissue is obtained from the roof of your mouth or surrounding areas and stitched onto the areas of gingival recession. In some cases, we may also use tissue-stimulating proteins to encourage your body’s natural growth abilities and promote faster healing. It is very important to take good care of your gum graft after the surgery and not disturb the site. Disturbing the site can disrupt the wound healing and cause complications.

Our periodontists and dental staff will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your gum graft. After the procedure, patients will usually experience sensitivity relief, feel more comfortable brushing and flossing, and have an improved appearance of their smile.

Diagram showing inserting connective tissue into gumline

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This 47-year-old male presented with recession of his upper teeth. His concerns were his appearance and
sensitivity to certain foods & beverages. Tissue grafts were placed to cover expose roots and after the
procedure, his esthetics and sensitivity has improved.

This 24-year-old male was concerned with the upper right recession on his teeth. A connective tissue graft
was done to thicken tissue as well as cover the exposed root.