Laser Therapy

laser therapy machine

We then remove calculus and plaque from the tooth roots to eliminate the source of harmful bacteria, after which the laser finishes sterilizing and cleaning the periodontal pocket. The connective gum tissue is then placed back over the area to begin the healing process.

LANAP gum treatment has many benefits, including:

  • Easy to perform — there is no cutting or suturing involved in this procedure
  • Less discomfort — LANAP treatment is more comfortable than traditional gum procedures, both during and after your treatment
  • Faster treatment time — your LANAP treatment requires fewer visits and less chair time
  • Quicker recovery — LANAP is minimally invasive, leading to a much swifter recovery than traditional gum surgery
  • Better long-term results — LANAP does not involve any major loss of gum tissue or remove bone tissue
  • Safe and hygienic — LANAP therapy is very hygienic and is generally safe for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions

For more information about LANAP therapy in Greensboro, North Carolina, and to schedule your consultation with our periodontists, Dr. Luis Benitez and Dr. Veronica Longville, contact Greensboro Perio today at 336-379-8377.