Sinus Lift

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What is a closed sinus lift?

A closed sinus lift is a less invasive procedure typically done at the same time of dental implant placement. It utilizes the same channel that is prepared in your jawbone for dental implant placement to elevate the sinus lining and place bone graft material to increase the bone volume. After sufficient bone graft is placed, an implant will be placed. Because this procedure is often paired with dental implant placement, less healing time is needed prior to the final implant crown being placed.

What is an open sinus lift?

When extensive sinus pneumatization or bone loss has occurred, our periodontists will opt for an open sinus lift. During an open sinus lift, the gum tissue will be gently lifted and a “window” will be created on the cheek side of the upper jaw when a dental implant is planned. The sinus lining is then gently elevated, and the space created between the sinus lining and sinus floor is filled with bone graft material. We will typically allow for healing for six to nine months prior to placing dental implants.

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Gum Graphting Before and After

This 65-year-old male presented with an upper back tooth to be removed. Due to low sinus tract, a sinus lift
was suggested & necessary for future implant placement. An open sinus lift was preformed to add foundation
and later an implant was placed.