Lip Repositioning

What is the lip repositioning procedure?

Some gummy smiles are caused by a skeletal issue that traditionally could only be adequately treated with orthognathic surgery. However, because orthognathic surgery is an invasive procedure associated with a longer postoperative recovery and discomfort, many patients choose not to proceed with this therapy. Alternatively, our periodontists may recommend lip repositioning as a less invasive option for these patients. The procedure can also be used to address a “hyperactive” upper lip instead of the use of BOTOX®. Lip repositioning is used to restrict the upper lip from moving excessively. After sufficient anesthesia is achieved, our periodontists will carefully remove some tissue on the inner top portion of the upper lip. The upper lip is then stitched to a lower position that is more aesthetically pleasing. The results of this procedure are visible immediately, and patients leave the office smiling more confidently!

Benefits of lip-repositioning surgery include:

  • Permanent and immediate correction of a gummy smile
  • A more aesthetically pleasing smile that you can feel confident in
  • Quick recovery period with no visible scarring

For more information about lip-repositioning surgery in Greensboro, North Carolina, call Greensboro Perio today at 336-379-8377 and schedule an appointment with our periodontists, Dr. Luis Benitez and Dr. Veronica Longville.

This 43-year-old female came to our office with concerns about the amount of gum tissue displayed when she
smiled. A lip repositioning procedure was done to lower her lip line and eliminate the gummy smile that she
was self-conscious about.

This 29-year-old male presented with concerns about his gummy smile and thought that his teeth appeared
shorter than normal. A lip repositioning paired with gingivectomy to lengthen his crowns was preformed to
make teeth appear larger as well as bringing the lip down to eliminate the excess tissue when smiling.